Burlington Art Hop Recap

Burlington Art Hop 2018: RECAP

We had a great two day exhibit at Art Hop this year! The first day we set up outside.

The second day we set up inside a beautiful new gallery space at Generator Makerspace.

We had a steady stream of visitors both days. People of all ages came by with great questions like “If I already use plugins and private browsing is there anything else I can do to protect my information online?” and “Do password managers really help?”.

We used a tool called Lightbeam to demonstrate the difference between different browser settings and set up an open wifi network to demonstrate how privacy leakage works by sniffing online activity.

Other activities included a Data Breaches coloring book, DIY spycam cover station, password generation game, machine learning demonstration, and sew your own signal blocking phone case.

Our collection of digital security booklets were a big hit.  People of all experience levels were happy to explore the topic and take away recommendations for digital security best practices.